21 November, 2011


So the only reason I'm writing this pointless post is because I've already written it everywhere else and I'm sure my tweeter people are tired of hearing it. I am so excited to go home! As much as I love School(!), Friends, Roommates(!), Good-Looking Men, and eating whatever the heck I want, I cannot wait to get back to the 775! I can't wait to eat some amazing food and get dirty on the farm. I have been clean for like 3 months straight and I can't stand it! P.S. I officially hate nail polish, I can't wear it for work so I figured since I didn't work (At the Lion House at least) this week I would paint them. They are soooo annoying and ugly. I accidentally said that in front of this guy and he just got this really shocked look on his face like "really?" Woops haha. But I do. And now I will put an end to this ridiculous post. Watch out Nevada because I'm coming! Can't wait to see all you wonderful people that are there!


Lady Fox said...

I hope I get to see you soon!

agratefulheart said...

Loved your visit! Come again soon! :)