27 November, 2011

Random Thoughts about the Holidays

So I just have a question. In November, people will make all these lists of things they're grateful for. They usually say things like "I'm so glad I have a super nice car...I'm so lucky." I feel like they usually turn into massive bragging lists more than anything else. But I know it's none of my business so I won't say anything more about it. It just seems like people are only grateful for things at Thanksgiving. They only have the Spirit of Christ with them at Christmas. And they only help people out when it's convenient. It's like people think they can only make new goals at New Years. We limit ourselves but thinking that there is only a certain time and place for things like serving others and expressing gratitude. It's a good thing that God remembers us more than we remember him or we would be in trouble. For example, he gives us air to breath all year around, but we only think to think him for it one month out of twelve? He forgives us of our sins and lets us renew ourselves every week by taking the sacrament, but we don't even make church a priority sometimes? What is going on here? Sorry, I just read over that and it sounded like I was really mad ha. I'm not, I just wish people would live like they do at the Holidays all year around. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Season and remembers the real reason why we celebrate it.


agratefulheart said...

Amen! Beautiful picture! :)

Lady Fox said...

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful times of the year. So is Easter, Valentines, and the 4th of July. (Along with many others.) I'm grateful we have traditions all year round that bring such great strong feelings and emotions to our hearts. You are right. Gratitude is an attitude and the Savior should be central in our lives. Always. I miss you already!