12 November, 2011

Plans Change. Life goes on.

I have no idea if people already know this about me, but I like to have a plan. I like to know what needs to get done and then just do it. So I had this plan that I was going to finish my degree in 5 semesters instead of six. Well I went to sign up for my classes next semester and I had Intro. to Law, Civil Litigation, Civil Litigation Lab, Evidence, Legal Research and Writing, and Tortes. Well my lovely program director advised me that I cannot take any other law classes until I take Intro. to Law. Great. So now I can really only take 1 class that counts towards my major next semester. But thats okay though. I did some research and found out that I have to take some electives to graduate. Anyway I called my mom. Thank goodness for mommies. She told me to take classes that sounded fun to me, to not limit myself to taking only classes that counted towards my major. I've always wanted to be a rebel so I decided to do it! I might of gotten a little carried away though, there are so many fun classes! But I ended up signing up for 23 credits. There is actually a rule that you can't take over 18 but I talked to an advisor and she gave me special permission to take 20. I have a feeling that this next semester will be so fun!! I can't wait. In other news, I can't get a full-time job because (duh) I'm taking day classes. I'm in some clubs so I'll just keep doing those. I auditioned for the school choir. I was so nervous, I almost swallowed my gum before I remembered to throw it away. The director recorded my voice. I'm sorry but I wasn't very okay with that. It's bad enough that he heard me, but then to have a whole board of people her me was even worse. I made it though so I don't even care. I'll just keep working at the Lion House. Which, by the way, working there last night till 11 was soooooo fun! I think I'll work there the rest of my life! haha but I brought home 4 boxes of cheesecake. It's a great way to save money. I just eat that instead of cold cereal in the morning. All think talk about work just reminded me that I have to be there in 10 minutes haha. Good thing I live so close. Sorry for the random post. I'll find a picture at least next time.

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agratefulheart said...

Uhh...you didn't tell me about the cheesecake! Bring it on down! :) Yum!