18 September, 2011

Sorry I haven't written anything on here for so long! I don't really know how to get pictures on here with my phone and my camera has emotional problems at the moment (it's jealous cause I always use my phone instead of it) I'll try an work something out this week. Here is one picture taken from the top of the Conference Center. If you haven't been on top, you NEED to go. It's beautiful. It has all been super crazy, I've been here about a week and a half. School started Monday. I was taking 18 credits but I dropped one because it wasn't a requirement and it was torture to sit through. So now I'm at 17 . I've applied for a job at the Lion House, Nauvoo Cafe, Energy Solutions, and LDS Business College so I'm excited to see which one I get. Wish me luck though, there are a ton of people applying here. My ward is really nice, there are lots of people in it. When I was in Fallon I always pictured a YSA Ward as a lot smaller but there are a ton of people so thats nice. It's nice too cause if you feel like going to a party there is always one to go to. Convenient to say the least. I love all my roommates, they are super fun to live with and we are all really good friends, almost like having 7 sisters :) I can't think of anything else right now but if there's anything you want to know, just ask!

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agratefulheart said...

Nice picture! I got to go up there for my first time with Dad after we went to the temple. It is awesome!