02 October, 2011

College Post!

I'm just going to tell you right now, there is a picture in this post that should make your day :) I'll try and explain all the pictures, most of them are of my house, and tons are from the temple. It's addicting to take pictures of the temple.
This is the deck outside of my room. My favorite thing is opening the french doors in the morning while I get ready for school.
This is the front of my house. I hope you can all tell that I just weeded the garden.
The living room. Possibly my favorite room besides my bedroom.
The entryway when you first come in. Yep we keep our bikes in the house.
The nightmare. Oh I mean bathroom! Gotta love the claw-foot tub. The shower curtain wouldn't have been my first choice but my roommate got here first haha.
This is the dining room, don't ask where the dining table is because I really don't know.
This is like the "other" dining room. I like it.
The rest of the "other" dining room. It's so nice to have 2 fridges. I feel so bad sometimes because I buy all this food and I can never eat it. I drink like a cup of milk once a week. To me thats weird.
This is outside my window. It's like I live by a field :) aww.
At the Roof Restaurant in the JS Memorial Building.
Not to brag, but I feel like this picture is really amazing.
And this. This. Is. Me. And my uniform. I work for the Lion House and this is what I wear. Come visit. Also, if you feel like you could possibly have an outfit that tops this I'll give you 10.
This is from the Conference Center after the General RS Meeting.
And this was on a date. I love the lights of the temple....so pretty.


Lady Fox said...

Looks like you are having so much fun. I can't wait to come see you at the Lion House. (I make their rolls all the time. YUM!)

agratefulheart said...

Love the temple pictures, Sariah! And, you were right about the shoes. But you look so cute, I'm sure no one will notice! :)