24 August, 2011

The Time to Move On

As I walked up the stairs onto the stage towards the organ, I couldn't help but sigh with relief when I realized that this was the last time I would ever have to play. As I slipped off my shoes and put my feet to the pedals, I vowed that I would play the song perfectly and walk away from the Fallon 2nd Ward on a good note, everyone thinking that I was a proficient organist. As nice as it would have been to have it happen that way, it didn't. I was supposed to play an a and an f with my left hand. Do you want to know what I did instead? b and g. Those two notes will forever curse my memory. Even though I only played the notes for a split second, they echoed in my mind for weeks. As if that was not horrific enough, my foot had slipped on the sound pedal when I sat down without me realizing it, making the sound twice as loud as usual. And then some of the weirdest thoughts entered my head. Why do people go to Thrift Stores to get things they don't need for cheaper when they could just stay home and save the money to later use on something of quality? How do people know if your eyes are open during the prayer unless theirs are open too? Why was I ever called to be a ward organist? Perhaps it is just because I haven't been an adult for very long but if someone could enlighten me as to the answer to these questions I would truly be grateful.


Michelle said...

So you probably didn't think that I would be reading your organ blog post did you. I just started readying blogs again today. And trying to find people in the 2nd ward specifically. So me the piano teacher didn't even notice you made those mistakes on the organ. And I did think the organ was too loud either, but I tend to play loud. Don't worry about it, I thought you did a good job. And I am just like you I worry about every little mistake that I make on the organ and I think everyone will notice. I was just asked to play the organ for stake conference so now I am sweating it because I haven't played the organ in 2 years and now I have to play for the whole stake. I loved your post. Good luck in college.

Lady Fox said...

Girl. You're crazy. Your organ-ness is great. You have always done a great job and I didn't notice a thing on Sunday. I'm gonna miss you something terrible.

agratefulheart said...

We really appreciate all your organ playing! You did a great job. And being done forever???? We'll see :))))
Love ya!