24 March, 2011

I'm a Jinx

I'm in my car. A lot. It's like my whole job. Almost every time I am in my car, something funny happens. Sometimes I just start laughing. For no reason. But like these times, there was a reason.

I was driving by La Fiesta and these two ladies were walking across the street, so I stopped. They were right in front of me, and the first lady's shoe breaks. Like right in front of my car. So they turn back to their car. I guess dinner will have to wait. But I couldn't wait to start laughing. It probably would have broken her little heart if she would have seen me. It was probably sort of hideous, if it were possible to roll on the floor in your car laughing, I would have.

I was going to get a file at storage and I couldn't get the lock open. For like 10 minutes. And the whole time there was this creeper guy just sitting in the bed of his truck, watching me. Finally he asks me if I wanted some help. I pretty much had no choice because it was an emergency, so I accepted. So of course since he's a creeper, he's smoking a cigarette. So he's walking towards me and the thing falls out of his mouth. Sad. So he picks it up off the ground and sticks it back in. Gross.

So I'm coming out of the storage and this lady is going to run right in front of my car. So I stop. Anyway, She drops her i Touch. Even sadder. Something like the battery or something falls out.

The point is, don't walk in front of me while I'm in my car or something bad might happen.

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Yohan said...

Ha! I might have to come down and walk in front of your car just to see what happens.