26 April, 2011

This world is kinda messed up

Today I got to go to court and watch trials and status hearings. I guess this one guy had been taken in by these kind people but had started pawning all their stuff so that he could "buy food." So the DA gets up to start his little prosecution thing and he's all "you needed to buy food?" "Yes." "You work at McDonalds, correct?" "Yes sir." (read this part with a little sarcasm, if you knew the DA you would know what I'm talking about) "Don't they give you some sort of discount or something?" Perhaps I am extremely weird and retarded but inside I was thinking "Oh haha. Thats actually the funniest thing I've heard anyone say all day." So really, is it just me or is that kind of funny? But really though, isn't that kinda messed up?

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