23 May, 2013

Summer Catch Up!

Okay, seriously, I'm a pretty horrible blogger. When I was like 14 I loved it, but now that I'm an "adult" I feel like I don't got time fo it. Respect to all you ladies and gentleman who regularly keep up on your blogs. Maybe I can get like you someday. Usually I just write posts that help me keep up with friends so ya'll know whats goin on in the life of Sariah Wadsworth, however boring or exciting that might be. So here's the breakdown, hopefully I can post something meaningful next time?

Home for the summer.
Doing my internship for Pioneer Seed (working with my Uncle James).
Training for a marathon, I'm up to 12 miles.
Primary Pianist.
Taking 3 online classes: Corporate Finance, Doctrine and Covenants, and Occupational Internship.
Catching up on my cooking skills by making all the meals for my growing brothers (you decide if that's growing horizontally or vertically). haha

Also, some people are quite surprised that I have blond hair, so here's a pic...

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