29 May, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Trip

This weekend included a little surprise trip to Wyoming and Idaho. First off I met Rebekah in Idaho Falls and we drove to Star Valley, WY to visit my Mom's family. Can I just say beautiful? That place is perfect.
 It was only when I woke up at 6 to make breakfast for the family that I realized the beauty of simple country life. Fresh brown eggs? Ain't nothin like em. Fun fact: there is absolutely no nutritional difference between brown and white eggs. I guess my Livestock Production class wasn't good for nothin.
 Mostly the best part of the day was spending time with this little gem. Bless her heart, she is the best sister a girl could ask for. I don't know why I was born first, she is mush smarter, prettier, and funner to be around than I am. Seriously though, she should be the role model between the two of us.
 We had a fun day of riding down horses and getting the 100-year-old barn ready to paint.
 That night I drove back to Rexburg to meet some friends, and I got to see my little Sarah from Bountiful! We worked at the Lion House together and she is just too sweet that girl. I love her so much.
 Here's a cute little pic I snuck of Rebekah and Matt. Adorable if you ask me. 
This is my new friend Melissa Hartley from Canada. She is just so sweet. Man, all my friends make me feel like a horrible person when I'm around them because they all seem so perfect. Oh well, I guess it's good that I have people to look up to.
 As much as I hate this picture, apparently other people get a kick out of it so I'm putting it up for your daily dose of laughter. Enjoy it dude, you probably won't get another one of these for a while.
And last but not least here is a little eye candy for all you that were wondering about the mancakes over here. He drove 20 hours to spend 1 day with me. And yes, he is adopted and is actually African-american. Okay not really but you gotta love that wicked fro he's got going on. Worry no more, he's getting it cut next week ha ha.

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