16 June, 2012

Since the only things I usually do are school, homework, work, and occasional sleep there isn't much to post about so I had to choose between the four. Process of elimination to avoid boredom of the reader I choose work. I'm sure none of you will be surprised to hear I've gained weight since working at The Lion House. I'm not too worried about it, another month and I'll have to move so I enjoy it while I can. When I started my boss fitted me with an xs white shirt. Last night I served my first reception--instead of wearing our traditional Brigham Young's wife's apron, we wear black, waist high aprons, showing off our actual shirts. I put mine on and my boss go this look on her face and tried to say, with as little awkwardness as possible, Sarah (no one can say my name there), you might want to button up your shirt. I knew it wouldn't button up over my bust, I already tried but it just wouldn't work. (I did have an undershirt for those of you that were worried haha). So I buttoned it up but there was one of those huge awkward holes in between the buttons. My boss, Julie, could only say "Oh dear". End of story? I now have a man shirt that goes halfway to my ankles.  So on to the picture. At wedding receptions we have these sashes tied around each chair, and we have to take them off after every event. The most efficient thing to do is string them around your neck and then unload them all together. We figured out that if you tie one around your waist you get a Marilyn Monroe, so we had to take pictures. 

Wedding receptions are great. We serve plates to the guests in the garden. The stairs down into the garden have the perfect amount of tripableness. So does my new shirt. In other news I have broken my goblet-holding records, 19 if they're empty, 13 if they're full. Yesterday an old man at a wedding dinner appreciated my efforts as he sat there, mouth ajar, as I was setting. People do not realize that there are various ways to make someone's day.


agratefulheart said...

Ha ha. That is so funny. Love the picture! :)

agratefulheart said...

Ha Ha. That is so funny! Love the picture! :) Can't wait to see you next week!