21 June, 2012

Shopping Probz

Right, so, I love to shop. There is just something about getting stuff, who wouldn't love it? Doesn't matter what you're purchasing; nail polish, songs on iTunes, clothes, camping gear (keep in mind I don't camp), or candles. I think my love for this activity has spilled over, in a sense, to other aspects of my life. I won't bore you with every instance, but I realized this as I was registering for classes at BYU-Idaho. I couldn't stop registering cause it was so fun to click "add to cart"! This happened to me when I was registering for classes this semester, and 23 credits later I started to realize that I need to get this addiction under control.  Well if you were feeling down or like a loser today that should have fixed those feelings by seeing this retarded post. Just think, you're not as retarded as Sariah, and you'll be fine.

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