13 May, 2012

Ways to get in shape for summer anyone?

My and my friends decided that we wanted to look good this summer.  It's easy, all you have to do is have contests to see who can do the most push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.  If you aren't competitive, it won't work so you can stop reading.  Or keep reading. Whatever.  Second step? We get on the roof everyday for a half hour tanning session.  Works wonders, and no one sees you until you decide you're tan enough to go to the pool to tan.  Did that confuse anyone?  Oh yeah, meet my new roommates! Top is Alissa from Australia, ham and cheese in this sandwich is Mindy, Boise ID.  Don't tease her about it, we already do :) And I'm on the bottom.  Obviously.  I also moved into my own room upstairs!  It's called the peach room, a drastic change from the pumpkin room ya feels me? Haha I love it up here, it's so quiet except for the occasional neighbor brawl outside my window on Saturday nights.  I like it, maybe I'll get to witness a murder or something.  Last night one guy threw the other guy's bike onto the pavement from the second story window...epic.  Work is fun.  My classes are fun.  Yeah. The end.


Cassidy Wadsworth said...

Yay, a post! Glad you're doing well :) Miss you! I want to bring some friends to visit your ward soon. (Oh, btw if Alissa has any Australian guy friends who are 25 and older and single and nice, let me know...;)

Sariah said...

Do it!!! Alissa has TONS of guy friends lol help yourself