25 March, 2010

I know

You know when you are just having a hard time with stuff like nothing is ever going to get better? It was like that for me a while ago. I sprained my back really bad, and, although it doesn't sound that bad, but because all the things I couldn't do, I was pretty sad. It was hard for me to breathe, and I wasn't allowed to jog or run for a month. When you do it every day and then, all the sudden you can't, it's a pretty big shocker. It felt like all I could do was lay in my bed. I couldn't even lay on my side it hurt so bad.

Looking back though, I'm glad it happened. I had never prayed so much in my whole life. I would drink a gallon of water every day, then at nighttime I would cry it all back out. The pain wasn't something I could explain, it just hurt so bad I couldn't even tell anyone how I felt. I wondered if it would ever get better. The only reason I could go on because I was on painkillers, even though they didn't work very good. But then my scriptures started to mean something to me when I read them. It felt like I knew who I was talking to when I prayed. I'd thought I had a testimony before. Then one night I started to think about doing my school again (haha) I had to do this poetry assignment, and I had no idea what to write about. But I ended up writing this, it describes almost exactly how I felt, I actually had hope now that I would get better, that everything would be okay, I knew he was there for me. I knew I would see him again, if I just kept trying my best.

I Saw His Face

Tears dripped down my cheeks

Sweat fell from my face

Could I ever again see the ones I loved

Would I ever come back to this place?

With a feverish rush, I closed my eyes

Never again to know pain

As my spirit slipped from my body cold

I knew there was something to gain

Up I went through the ceiling heights

There was no limit now

To where I could go or what I could do

I could jump and scream and shout

Then, all at once, in a tunnel wind

Rushing up into the sky

I wasn’t the only one there now

Then I saw it, the light

Exactly up ahead

His back was turned to me

What would he do?

What could I say?

To this man that had done it all

Then he turned

And I saw the scar

On both his hands and feet

I never thought this day would come

When my Savior I would meet

Then I ran, and so did he

Into a warm embrace

I thought I’d experienced everything

And then I saw his face


Amy said...

SARIAH! That poem made me cry! It was beautiful! You have a gift with words!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I'm impressed! Beautiful way to bear your testimony. Hmm... here's an idea. Put it to music and sing it as a musical number!

JJones said...

That was so beautiful, you should send it to the Ensign or New Era! I hope you are feeling better -- I've hurt my back twice, the pain is indescribable!

butchcassidy2 said...

That was wonderful, Sariah! You have the Hinckley gift for writing, I think :) Love you!

Lady Fox said...

Love, love, love it! You should keep writing these kinds of things!!

terra said...

that was beautiful. Good Work. I say you get an A+

Sariah said...

Aww thanks you guys! It makes me feel good that you like it :)