02 December, 2009

Our Trip to Everywhere and Back... :]

This was in Adam-Ondi-Ahman, the picture is out of order, this was day 2.

This was day 1. We woke up around 2:30 AM and started driving at about 3. we were supposed to leave at like 4 or something but the little kids kept waking up so my parents decided to just leave then since they couldn't go back to sleep. It was pretty nice because when I woke up we were like 2 hours away from Salt Lake City :]

This is day 2. (Which blurred into day 1 because we drove all night because we wanted to outrun a snowstorm) lets just say that the party began at 10:00 at night lol. Rebekah and I took turns styaying up with Jared and Jesse while they drove so that they would stay awake. Except I think i was actually awake like 1 hour of the night. I guess I'm not very good at staying awake all night :p Adam-Ondi-Ahman was so cool. I know this is kinda wierd but it was almost creepy to think that they had all those wars and stuff in the Book of Mormon there but it was really cool to think about. I guess some of the rocks in the 4th picture there could have been from one of the Nephite Temples or something so that was pretty cool.

This was Hawn's Mill, It was so sad to think that the Saints had to cross this river when it was frozen and leave their homes and have their family killed, all in the same day. It's amazing the things that they went through.
This is Liberty Jail. Believe me, if you go here you will never again doubt that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet. He never would have gone through all that he did if this church was just a lie.
The Community of Christ's Temple in Independence, Missouri. My personal favorite part was the blinking light on the top. No offence, but I like our Temples better.
This is under the Gateway Arch. Rebekah and I got kinda tired of looking at stuff so we just started taking all these dorky pictures. There's like 20 more of these dorky pictures :]

This is the Gateway Arch on day 3. St. Louis was a pretty big City, but it was fun. The GPS kept telling us the wrong way to go and it kept saying "turn around when possible" everytime it said that, someone would say "shut up when possible" it was pretty funny :] (and just so you all know, the night before is when the bus broke down in the middle of a 5 lane road, and the suburban came unhooked)
I was so excited to see the Nauvoo Temple! I've been waiting sooo long! It's my favorite Temple in case yall didn't know :] it was so much better than any picture.
One of Joseph and Emma Smith's houses. I guess it almost flooded a couple of years ago but they saved it. (it is seriously like 1/8 of a mile away from the river, they practically had a swimming pool in their back yard. a really big swimming pool :)
Joseph Smith's office above the Red Brick Store.
This is my absolute favorite picture from the whole trip. We took a picture of Jared with these dorky glasses on and then I took a picture of him when he saw it on his camera. hahaha.
And we found these cool hat things at the Red Brick Store so we just had to take some pictures :o

Jared in front of one of the outbuildings by Joseph and Emma's house.
This is the real sign that hung (and still hangs) over the door of Joseph Smith's Office.
This is George. He was pretty much the sweetest man I've ever met. We saw him several times while going around Nauvoo and the last time we saw him we just had to get a picture :)
Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma's graves.
The Temple at night. I think that the flag looks cool.
From Nauvoo, we went to Carthage (in the suburban) and then back to Nauvoo.
The window where Joseph Smith was shot. I'm sorry, but anything I could possibly write down woundn't describe what was felt here. All I can say is I know it's true.

When you hear the story and see the actual bullet holes there just isn't any doubt or anything. Who would die for something they didn't know was true?

We went on a really pretty carriage ride around the Nauvoo countryside (I have no idea what to call it) and the missionary that was giving us a ride told us all kinds of stories. Like how they were filming the movie "Legacy" and the part where they fell in the river wasn't planned and so the surprised looks on the people's faces were for real.

The staircase in one of the buildings in Nauvoo. Sorry, but I can't remember which one.

The John Deere Pavilion. I think I might have lost track of what number of day I was on lol.

Haha. Jared and I. Haha.
Brent and Jonathan in front of some mural in the John Deere factory. I think Brent's getting into that stage where he thinks it's cool not to smile for pictures. :]
Okay now this was funny. This guy was sleeping on the job. His shoes were off! Notice the Mountain Dew and Coffee. I guess they don't keep you awake after all :p

This was pretty cool. I didn't know they made John Deere pumpkins
Outside of the John Deere Pavilion. I guess I didn't know that they made John Deere flags either.
OR John Deere statues :)
The visitors center in Winter Quarters.

There gold doors on the Temple weren't like anything I'd ever seen. I guess that some non-member boys worked on them for something or another and after they finished, they got baptized.

Just some Buffalo...

Annnd Chimney Rock. It was actually really, really cool.
Mount Rushmore!

At this point I don't think I'd had a shower in like 3 or 4 days (longer than Girl's camp!) so I had to put on this hat that I got at the John Deere Pavilion. I look like such a dork. I know. Seriously though. The stuff at the Pavilion was WAY cheaper than anything here so If your lookin for John Deere stuff, go to Iowa to get it :]

Independence Rock. Pretty dang cool and really tall. (We climbed it)
The view from up there.
Rebekah doing her supermodel pose for the lizards :]
This picture is out of order, its actually at Martin's Cove. It was really cold there :p that opening in the rock is where the Saints came through.
More on top of Independence Rock...
Me and Emz, my cousin :]
Rebekah and I got boredd on Sunday afternoon because our parents went on some drive in the canyon so we played around taking pictures of some rings I bought at Mount Rushmore.
My cute little cousin Danny :]
And My cousin Charity :]
This is at Martin's Cove. The Missionaries there were so good, and told us lots of stories about the saints. Thinking about their faith was amazing, That they went through all that, because they knew it is true. Makes ya wonder if you would do it too if you had to....


Abe n Linz said...

Great pictures! I actually got to do a 3 day trek through martin's cove and it was an amazing experience. But we weren't freezing like the pioneers, we were sizzling in the sun!
By the way, thanks for the cinnamon rolls. They were seriously gone within minutes of me bringing them in the house! Abe said to tell you that you can bring extra cinnamon rolls over whenever! :)

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Fun pictures! I had to laugh when I saw Charity's. Last time we saw her she was much littler and had a shaved head because someone had cut her hair. :) What a thing to be remembered for right?

Valerie said...

WOW@! Looks amazing! I am glad that you were able to go and see all of that! What a great experience!

Sariah said...

I know! it was FREEZING and the Missionaries saud it was like 40 degrees colder when the pioneers went through..

And Montse, that is kinda wierd! I don't remember that! funny you do...

Amy said...

HOW FUN! I still LOVE hearing about your trip! You havea talent for taking pictures! And Rebekah has a talent for posing! :-)