16 November, 2009


Thanks so much for making the jacket for my dress Mom, I loved it!
I don't really know what to write other than it was really Fun and I had a great time! First we went to dinner at Tyler's house (which was amazing, his mom is a really good cook!), Then we went to the play Annie (super cute), then we went to the Prom (no comment :p), then we went to Kanani's house for breakfast (Kanani and Johann were our double date, her parents are amazing cooks too :) It was really fun and I'm super glad I have friends with high standards (and they're awesome :) P.S. The flower in my hair was made by the lady I babysit for (I love it!)! And my friend Angie did my hair (she is so cool. love her♥)


Abe n Linz said...

You look great! I like that you were all modest :)
Your friend did a cute hair-do on you.

Amy said...

You look amazing! So beautiful! On Sunday Bryce said (Tyler was passing the sacrament.) "Mom, I like Tyler's suit." Coming from a 7 year old, I thought it was funny! But you guys look great together and glad you had fun!

Cassidy said...

You are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad you had fun!

mom said...

You look beautiful, inside and out.
Thanks for dressing modestly.