13 January, 2009

wHat A jOkE

Did you like my hair better before, when it was curly? I hope so because there is NO WAY I'm spending an hour every day straightening it!


momtobein2009 said...

only an hour? I think it takes me two. Course now it doesn't curl when I don't straighten it, it just frizzes on me lol.

How is your Grandma doing?

btw, I think it looks good:)

mkamye said...

I like it a lot! I can't live without a hair straightener. I have an awesome one. It only takes me about 10 minutes. Next time you babysit, I'll let you try it!

Yohan said...

I think that it's darling, but I think the same as you. I got a hair straightener for Christmas and I'm absolutely useless with it. I've about given up and decided to only use it on special occasions! :)

Hannah said...

You hair looks good both ways. You should wear it like to church someday.