12 January, 2009

Random Tag

(NOTE: This Answers don't apply to me in particular and I don't answer them seriously)

Name something left on the bathroom counter after getting ready in the morning.- nothing
Name an excuse that you were late for church. -I'm always early. I can be late ONCE!
Name a Prophet in the Book of Mormon.-Lehi.
Name another word for “yes”-C
Name an electronic object that nearly everyone has.-iPod
Name something a bishop’s wife would never wear. -The Bishop's clothes.
Name a favorite candy -I don't eat candy. I eat chocolate
Name a favorite potluck food -cheese potatoes
Name something you would purchase before going out on a 1st date. -Listerine
Name a food most often cooked in the microwave-popcorn
Name a piece of furniture a person needs help moving. -piano
Name something that flashes.-my handbag
Name something that is stuffed.-Obama.
Name something you put on French fries.-salt
Name of an individual that is only 3 letters long -Ada
Name a favorite ice cream topping.-Milk
What is a commonly sung Hymn?-The Wintery Day Descending to a Close. (page 37 if you want to check it out;)
Name something found in a mother’s purse. -my money
What would you find in a 72-hour emergency kit?-all my clothes from 5 years ago
How many times does your mom have to tell you to do something before it gets done?-She doesn't tell me. I do it before that. Just Kidding. Like, once or twice.
Name a specific food whose aroma makes you hungry.-Ham
Name something people put in their backyards.-Their cars. On blocks.
What is something that your parents do (or did) that you swore you would never do when you have kids?-Have Kids. j/k.
Name a complaint the older generation has about your younger generation.-too smart.
What is a “pet name” a man might call his wife.-Don't ask me. I'm not married.
Name a decision you make as a young adult that changes your life.-Wether or not to be stupid.
Name something you hear on the radio besides music.-People talking about how stupid Obama is.
What is the household chore you dislike the most?-talking to other people. lol.
What is one of the Young Women Values (please only put one).-Silence.
Name a primary song that includes hand gestures.-Clean up!
What is an item you would see at a ward potluck?-Someone who doesn't come to church.
Name an activity a couple would do on a date.-bridge jumping.-I'm serious, my friend did it!
What is a church calling you would be most scared to receive?-Primary Teacher
Name a favorite kind of cookie.-Ginger snap

I tag: Yohan, Rebecca, Lindsey, and Eve


mkamye said...

I don't think I've ever even heard that hymn (#37). I'll have to look it up later.

Yohan said...

Okay okay. . . I'll do it. Those answers you thought up were hilarious! I think I'm gonna be a little more uncreative with mine, though

momtobein2009 said...

which Rebecca? cause isnt there like 3 or 4 of us?? :)

Hannah said...

What is 'tag'ing? I don't think I have ever heard of it.