30 March, 2014

Jackson Hole

 Travis the Mountain Man
 Bryce and Benjamin Franklin
 Alaskan Fur Company
 Little Eskimo Kiddos
We went on the edge and took these old time "saloon" pictures in downtown Jackson. The outfits were a little difficult to get into but we took the pictures and got back out as soon as we could. Poor Travis and Pono had like 5 layers on! We had a great time; it's too bad we didn't look at the price before we took the photos...$150 later. It wasn't so bad after we split it between the 7 of us..now we know for next time hah.


Paula Hartley said...

So much for the mission fund.

agratefulheart said...
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rmgales said...

I love the saloon picture. The price is a little salty, thank goodness you were able to spit it 7 ways.