17 March, 2014

4 More Weeks!

I know I'm not on a mission yet, but I feel like I can use the word "trunky" in my everyday life because that's all I've felt for the last month. Tired of school. Tired of working out. Tired of eating. Tired of being here. Tired of waiting. Tired of everything. An emotional wreck, I know.....except, there are lots of good things going on still, and here are some of them! Only 4 weeks to graduation!
{Made it to the top of R Mountain! (barely)}
 Travis and I hiked R Mountain on Saturday because it was such a nice day! We saw Jeff and Shayla and their new baby and Hubs was up from Provo! Needless to say we were so out of breath we practically took a nap at the top because we were so exhausted, and it is quite the miracle we didn't fall to our deaths on the way down but we are still alive so I guess it's all good. Except for the emotional damage from the dog that licked me. I can't stand dogs that lick me.
 {Top of R Mountain}
{Taken in Canada Summer 2013}
 It was our 1-year anniversary a few days ago! I'm assuming I should save that story for a completely different post cause I'm pretty long-winded when it comes to my man. But for the record, I'm the luckiest girl alive.
{Beaverjunk Park}
 .....Maybe that's because whenever I go on a walk he insists on coming with me, and we end up making tepees or landmarks or killing ants or tracking moose or something ridiculous like that.
{Please just smile for one picture?!}
 Or maybe it's because 9 times out of 10 I ask him to smile for a picture and he makes a face (see above) or just straight up walks away with his head down.
{Our coordinating outfits, opposite shirt/coat combos, jeans, and cowboy boots covered in crap}
We've had this weird cerebral connection lately, we always either match, wear coordinating colors, or just look like we planned out our outfits in some way. This has been going on for like a week, and it's kind of starting to creep me out. I tried to use this connection with him at the grocery store tonight, I was by the produce and was trying to communicate to him that I needed some bread. He was so oblivious to it because whenever we go to the store he becomes completely engrossed in meat packaging because he has a class for it and apparently it's really interesting. It's seriously the most adorable thing in the whole world. But back to the bread. I'm like mouthing to him to get bread and he's like looking everywhere but at me and this man was like "are you insane?" so I just stopped with the cerebral connection and got it myself so maybe our sidekick powers are over.  


Cassidy Wadsworth said...

You guys are adorable :)

agratefulheart said...

How fun to hike the R mountain! I never did do that. Travis is looking skinny! Good luck with the next 4 weeks! It will be over before you know it (I hope) :) Love ya! Mom xo