05 September, 2013

Started My Own Business!

I'm not a huge jump-into-something kind of person, but somehow, I just did it! I randomly bought a bottle of Nerium AD from a salon and FELL. IN. LOVE. NEVER have I experienced a night cream, or any cream, that ACTUALLY WORKS! Like, for real? Yeah. Within two days I saw so many results that I decided I would start selling for Nerium International. It's a great opportunity, they have a Young Entrepreneur Program that I am in, and I'm learning A TON from it.
As a short history, scientists were testing the oleander plant as a cure for melanoma and and discovered that it dramatically improved the skin. It was too unbelievable to be true, so they ran tests on it. For TEN years. at THREE different universities. They came to the conclusion that this was the most ground-breaking thing that had ever happened to the age-defying world, ever. So they patent the plant and begin selling it through relationship marketing. As a consumer on day 5 of using it, my skin has DRAMATICALLY improved and my eyelashes are freaking long!!!!! Like what the heck?! It is hands down the best skin cream I have ever used, basically a cure-all for every skin problem I have or could imagine having. It is for all ages, races, and skin types. Whatever you have to throw at it, it will fix or else improve dramatically. Anyways, if you want to learn about this new crazy adventure, feel free to check out my websites or give me a call, I'm more than happy to answer questions!


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