05 August, 2012


Until I leave, that is! Only 3 more days, and I can't believe I have only been here 11 months and it's already up! I don't feel like it's possible to fit in everything thats been going on in the last almost-year, but I'm definitely so glad I came to live in Salt Lake City. The Lord has blessed me beyond whatever I might deserve in helping me with school, work, friends, and church callings. I've been so lucky to get good grades, have an AMAZING job, be in the BEST ward, and been able to attend the temple so often because it is so close. I don't mean to turn this into testimony meeting, but we are so lucky to have temples. They hold  blessings of the most beautiful and wonderful promises on earth, and we should be so grateful for that.

Some of the great things I've enjoyed while living here in Salt Lake:
1. Attending Music and the Spoken Word every Sunday
2. Meeting the Prophet and Apostles, or saying hi, or waving, or serving them dinner.
3. Having Lion House rolls for sacrament
4. Play me, I'm yours; pianos all over the streets in downtown
5. Living in a mansion house
6. Going to the temple
7. Dates with crazy guys, I will have awesome stories to tell my grandkids.
8. All the great people I now call my friends!
9. Working on Temple Square
10. Missing my family. If I wouldn't have left I never would have realized how much I love them.
The Business College with the view of the Temple which you can't really see in this photo.
 I can hold 19 goblets empty, 13 full, (separately) and I've dated someone at the Lion House, making me an official! (well, almost.... you have to make out with someone in the walk-in freezer to be considered official, but I figured I'd pass...
This morning I walked around the Conference Center for the last time, it was beautiful as always.

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agratefulheart said...

Love the pictures! I'm glad you've been so blessed, also! Good luck with the last 2 days! Can't wait to see you!!!! :) (ya, that's alot of exclamation marks, isn't it? haha)
xoxoxo Mom