19 February, 2012

This is a Sunday Update

I am supposed to be at church right now. The only problem is that my ride didn't wake up. Don't be too dismayed, we'll probably miss Relief Society but hopefully not the remainder of church. I kind of have to sing a solo in sacrament meeting so we better get there eventually. Random side note, I love visiting teaching! I always wanted to do it since I was a little girl, and now that I finally can I love it! I might be the most random person in the whole world, whenever I write my brothers they probably don't understand anything I say because I jump from one thing to another so quickly. Speaking of that, Jared gets home in 3 days! Don't worry about me, I'll just be in my lovely night class. It's not like I want to be there or anything. Not to fret, my roommates and I are road tripping (that might be literal if Camilla drives) to FTown for the party in March.

And speaking of the roommates, I have me a new best friend. I feel like I must introduce Camilla since she is my new sister here in Salt Lake. She is from LA, and you would be able to tell that just from seeing how she drives. We leave for school 2 minutes before it starts every morning, and we are never late. Okay not really. We have the best time, all the time. We eat healthy together, but the lack of sleep we get from hanging out should be illegal its so unhealthy. I can't remember the last time I went to bed before two. And I'm not bragging or anything, read that with a wistful voice. I'm pretty sure we'll be best friends for ever and ever. The best was when I was giving her a piggy-back ride, she dropped her phone, so I bent over to pick it up and we both crashed so hard. We just laid in the rain on the sidewalk, dying of laughter. This kid cam up to us and was all "are you guys having a rofl moment?" That just made it worse.

In other little updates that I'm thinking of, I got a new job! I still work at the Lion house on nights that I don't have class and weekends. I guess you could say I got promoted from an intern to a Legal Secretary for the Church. I have my own office, which is pretty legit. It's complete with a mannequin wearing a Jazz tee, bball shorts, and a tie. I'm gonna have to fix that. I absolutely love the people that I work with. They are real.

This paragraph is completely a knock-on-wood-paragraph. School is going wonderfully. Now that I got through last semester with okay grades and feel like I understand what the teachers are saying, I find the work so much easier. Even if a class has a ton of homework, I find them all easy. I'm super lucky. Also, I know that God helps me with a lot of stuff in my life, especially school. Some stuff should be completely over my head, but when I pray for help to understand it, it becomes less challenging.

In other news, I ran 5 miles yesterday! I've been trying so hard to become a better distance runner, I'm sure most of you are thinking "okayyyyy?" It's big for me. I want to do a marathon someday, and I know you gotta start somewhere. Can't wait to see everyone in Fallon in a couple weeks!

Have a great Sunday :)


agratefulheart said...

Finally, a post! with a picture of you! That was a great update. We will be thinking of you too and missing you but seeing you soon! I'm so glad you have a great friend there. It makes all the difference:)
Love ya!

Cassidy Wadsworth said...

hey girl! I started a blog too! hope you're doing well :)