10 December, 2011

A Lion House Christmas

Sorry for my laziness, this is the only picture I have that relates to the story

I used to think my family was loud. I used to think they were obnoxious. I just wanted a quiet moment. I wanted to go to my room, get in bed, and fall asleep forever. Times that by 10 million and thats what it's like working at the Lion House at Christmas time. This week is our busiest of the whole year. Events are scheduled back-to-back, and the whole house is overflowing with people, most of who will kill you or anyone else just to get another roll with some honey butter on it. Today I got to serve the Daughters of the American Revolution their dinner. It was such a pleasure I wanted to shoot myself in the mouth. Good think I had cheerios for breakfast so that I could be extra cheery. They tell you how "cute" your apron is and then laugh at you when the peppermint cheesecake goes flying. And then they stay forever so you can't clear their room for like an hour. And they can't even walk to the end of the hall to hang up their coats. For real? Haha I thought they were funny and had to try and not laugh at what they were talking about. It was stuff that old ladies talk about like how they can't find their fake teeth or something. It is over now though, I have to go back in an hour and serve a YSA ward (don't be too excited for me) and I just have to work Tuesday and then I get to come home again for almost a month! If no one is around, you can sit at your computer clapping for me that I am still alive.


agratefulheart said...

Maybe we can bride Jed and Ada to give you some peace and quiet while you're here! :) Did you find a ride yet?

Yohan said...

Glad you're still alive!