05 November, 2011


I just reminded myself why I never read other people's blogs. It's because other people write these funny, clever, witty posts and then when I sit down to write something it's like "wow I have nothing to write, and if I do, it's gonna sound dumb cause I'm a bad writer." Seriously, some people's stuff makes me laugh like a donkey. And then Lauren comes in and gives me this weird look like I'm retarded or something. Wow I just spelled retarded wrong. Good thing for spell check. That's actually kind of ironic. Anyway I woke up at like 6 and there was just a light covering of snow so I was really excited because some of my friends and I were going to play volleyball and there was no way I was going if there was 3 feet of snow. That was good. So I did some p90x and made hot chocolate (another reason I'm convinced I'm stupid, that was the first time I made hot chocolate in my life). Then I did some job searching because:

1) I'm taking all night classes next semester and I thought that would be pretty lame to sleep all day.
2) I like to work
3)I would earn money. Duh.

I found some good ones at KSL, DownEast Outfitters, and Eagle Gate College. The other ones I found must not be very good because I can't remember them. Then I walked to the college because I thought it would be fun to walk in the snow and go do some homework since no one else in Salt Lake was awake. Well if no one is awake, do you really think the college is going to be open? Apparently I did. And of course it wasn't. So I walked back and froze to death. I am not equipped with the proper clothes for snow. Just saying. So I came home and ate pretty much all my food. But now Jacqueline and I are walking to the store to get more food so it's fine. The reason for this whole story? So you can feel better about yourselves and how you're living your lives. Hopefully I will write something tomorrow that redeems me somewhat.


agratefulheart said...

I think you are hilarious! And yes, I needed spell check for that word. I love reading your blog and getting a glimpse of what's going on in your week! Please, keep them coming!

Sariah said...

Thanks Mom, I miss you and love you...can't wait till Thanksgiving!