13 July, 2011

how is your week going?

Well mine is going just peachy. We might as well admit to it. We all have those sad moments. Sometimes they might last for hours, days, months, (horrors) or even years. I'm admitting it. Can I just say first though that I know my problems are nothing compared to others. I'm probably the luckiest girl in Nevada or even the United States. But I just had an unlucky week. First of all I'm lonely, which should be really obvious because I'm posting stuff on my blog. I tore the ligaments in my ankle so I can't really go anywhere and if I do not very long. I just for the first couple of days but I'm bored of that now. Most of my friends are out of town, and everyone else in my family is busy working so here I am. I'm really bored. I even resorted to watching a movie today I was so bored. I'm fat, because I ate ice cream while I watched the movie. As my friend Brent P-razz would say "Don't eat ice cream cause you're sad....thats how people get fat." Thank you, Captain Obvious. I'm kinda worthless as far as work goes. So I tried to do some dishes. I was doing my usual be-a-stud-and-throw-the-cup-in-the-sink and it kinda backfired and I had milk dripping from every part of my body. Then I wanted to cry. So now I'm sitting here icing my foot. My life is now officially, truly, without a doubt, pathetic. My little brother just jumped on my foot. Okay now my life is perfect. It's so perfect that here is a picture of the little brat. Bless his super-charged little heart. I better stop now before my tears come pouring through your computer screen. Maybe tomorrow I'll write something happy. Peace.

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Lady Fox said...

Sorry 'bout you being bored, but eating ice cream ONCE while watching a movie doesn't make you fat. I hope your happy tomorrow!