27 September, 2010

Old Files

Today I learned something. I already knew it but it kinda stuck to me this time. I went to the rooms of files from past cases with the other Intern. She had a whole binder of just one case. I was like "wow thats a pretty big one." to myself. Amazing how just one paper can turn into a whole binder of papers just from one mistake or maybe even a traffic ticket. When we walked into the storage room there were 6 super-sized totes. And I really do mean super-sized like these things were huge. I asked Dez what were in them and can you guess? All 6 totes were from one case! So that being said, don't lie! One lie, like the papers, can turn into 10s, then 100s, and eventually you'll be carrying around the baggage of 6 super-sized totes from a murder case. Haha just to end on a less serious note, my first day, I wore heels.....I don't think I need to say anymore cause I can already see all my lovely aunts laughing their heads off right now :)


Cassidy Jo said...

You have an internship at a law office? That's amazing! I want to hear about it! Call me!

Sariah said...

Well YOU didn't tell me you have an internship at Deseret Book! That is so stinking cool! You call me!