05 July, 2010

The Longest day

So at the first of the day (we did this for a week) I was all excited (this was actually after lunch, not so excited as you can tell.) I got to drive the truck with no a/c and so that was really funnnn. The best part is when the wheat would go down the back of my shirt.
Then I got to drive the mower (pictures out of order here as always) I plugged it 3 times and it took about an hour each time to unplug it. I know the inside of that thing all too well now ha. the worst part is there was nowhere to wash my hands. fun fun. Oh and a P.S. the background on the picture of my hand is the manual for the swather, I had to read it to figure out why it just died suddenly. Turned out it was outta fuel. I took the picture cause I was bored. Reading stuff like that is just not my thing I guess :)

The end of they day. I was all happy cause we were going home then. Except one of the trucks broke down so we had to pull it home with the service truck for like half an hour. Don't ya'll just wish you had my life? Don't be jealous :)


JJones said...

You are a hard worker, your dad is lucky to have you around! I love the pictures. I would have hated having my hands staying that dirty -- next time bring some cleaning supplies with you!

Yohan said...

I pity you :) My bros are wishing they could be down there helping out with the work, though!

Cassidy Jo said...

You're sure a gorgeous girl, even when your nails look like that :)