20 June, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddy :)

I love my Dad. I wouldn't trade him for any other Dad in the whole world. He pretty much never gets mad and is always understanding when I make mistakes. Even when he's really tired or stressed out, he sill laughs and makes everyone else laugh. I love the dorky nicknames he gives all his kids, and the best part is that he doesn't care that they're dorky. He's nice to everyone, and I love his little jokes that he cracks almost every minute of the day. I love the lessons he teaches for FHE. It's like going to a really good fireside every week :) He's actually a really good cook too. Mostly I've just noticed what a hard worker he is. He works harder than any other person I know and never complains. He just works harder still. If I can be just like him someday I think I'll be set. Happy Father's day to all the Dads out there that are just like mine. Amazing in every way.

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Lady Fox said...

I have a great dad too! Just set a goal to marry someome just like your dad and you will be happy FOREVER!!