12 May, 2010

juSt saYin

Okay, so just kind of looking back, it's funny how I used to post stuff on here just cause I was bored (which is what I'm doing now ha) anyway, now I just write stuff cause I love it when other people write stuff. Anyway I finished my first semester of college and it was a really good experience. Glad it's over though ha. I'm excited for the summer to come....if only the weather would be nice to me. Sorry I don't have any really exciting pictures (or any at all ha) but my camera is really junky lately. Well thats all I have in my for now. This actually doesn't seem like much after all my 10-page papers ha.

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Yohan said...

Well- just like you write stuff because you love it when other people write stuff I'll comment because I love it when other people comment :) Ha!
Guess what? We're going to Mt. Rushmore for the first time! I am so excited!