27 September, 2009

The Flood

Once again, I was woken up from my saturday morning *beauty sleep* to "Sariah, Sariah, the haystacks are flooding and you need to get up!" what in the heck for? like there was anything I could possibly do! Just kidding. There actually was nothing I could do. Or anyone. My poor neighbors.
And their poor dog. Actually she was pretty happy, what more could you ask for when you have a built in swimming pool in your yard?
Well, your yard, driveway, corrals, and hay.
Which brings me to OUR hay. It got flooded. But I guess it wasn't that much, I think it probably could have been worse.
So Jesse and My uncle Benjamin made a ditch from their house through our stack yard into one of our ditches. I guess what had happened is the water was going down the ditch and broke their headgate at like one o' clock in the morning and they didn't find out till they woke up at 6:30 and by then it was like, almost up to their house. I just feel so bad for them, I mean, its not exactly fun having your yard flooded twice in one year.

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