13 September, 2009

The Blue Angels

On friday I went to the base with some of my friends to watch the air show. It was soo good and you could tell they had practiced. I didn't think any of the show would be a suprise because they have been practicing over our house for a couple of days (a couple of times I thought they would land on it!) but being that close and seeing them do actual tricks was way cooler than I thought and I would definately do it again. It was a great way to remember all of the Heroes from 9.11


mom said...

Hi Sariah, I can remember seeing the Blue Angels several times when I was in high school. They really are something spectacular to see. We had a big rainstorm last night and cooled everything off - I am about ready to turn the heat on!!!

mom said...

Sariah - "Mom" is Aunt Margaret! Just thought you might like to know who that "mom" is.