03 August, 2009

So since I turned 16 last tuesday I had a party. It was all good because We had planned to go down the zip line. But then the wind came up like an hour before it was supposed to start but we decided to go ahead and do it.

So it was all going fine until the zip line broke after like, 3 people. So we went back to the house because we were going to roast hot dogs but it was too windy so we grilled them.

By then it was about 9:00 so we went back to the zip line but by then everyone was too scared to go down it in the dark. So we went back to the house and played games. It was pretty fun though and I'm gald I have a lot of really good friends :)
And a note to my brothers: They are amazing because they fixed the zip line while we ate dinner. You guys are THE best!!!

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Amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! Sweet 16 really fits you! And what good brothers you have!