30 June, 2009

lAst nIght wAs pRetty tIght

last night we went to pick up my cousin Elishia from the airport at 9:30. So late! After that we went to Winco and In and out burger (which wasn't very in and out is you ask me(the first time i've eaten a hamburger at 11:00 at night)). So we got back to town at like 12:00, and my Dad decided we needed to check a field that was watering. fun fun fun. Anyway, we went to turn around and...

WE GOT STUCK! IN A 15 PASSENGER VAN, 2 WHEEL DRIVE, 13 PEOPLE, 12:00. Like I said before, fun fun fun. Since it was like a mile away from home, half of us got out and walked while Jesse ran and got a tractor to pull the van out. And on top of that we didn't have a microwave that worked (random) and so pretty much everyone is tired today.

P.S. I couldn't find a single picture of a van or a van stuck in the field at 12:00, so i stole this picture off of Montse's Blog

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