19 June, 2009

Girl's Camp 2009

Don't tell me how bad I look in this picture. I already know.

Me and my tent mates.

Our one-man-tent that all three of us slept in. I wouldn't suggest it.

Some of my best friends...

My view the whole time.

I got to ride with Cassie and her Mom. Talk about cute all over!

Suggestions for future campers:

1. don't try and fit 3 people in a 1 man tent.

2. don't push your leader in the river (on accident)

3. don't sit down on the zip line before you've cleared the step. it makes it very uncomefortable sitting on the wood benches.

4. don't forget you shampoo in the tent because walking back to the site 3 different times makes you feet sore when you're wearing socks and you're feet are sore and you're dead.
5. make sure you hang out with all the amazing leaders because it makes camp twice as fun!

I had an amazing time and so much fun! I'm really excited to come back as a leader and boss all the first years around ;) j/k I'm totally in love with all the leaders because all they think about is making it fun for the girls. I would have put up a picture of my amazing leader Lindsey, but I promised her I wouldn't. Like I said she was the best and my favorite leader of all time!

(inside joke)


Sue said...

looks so, so fun...wish i could have been there!

abenlinz said...

aah, You're so nice. Camp was way fun! (even though I was miserable with my allergies)LIGHT THE FIRE WITHIN!!!! (extra loud)

jjones said...

Lindsey is your best/favorite leader -- what about Sister Perfect;)?!