01 May, 2009

My Mom is Having Her Baby in a Month!

Where did all the time (as in the last half of the year) go? Didn't we just go to A Brand New Year fireside? Didn't my Mom just announce she's having a baby? Didn't I just get my permit? Didn't Jared just leave for College? He's back now! I'm getting my liscense in like, 2 monthes! My Mom is going to have her baby in like, 1 month! We are getting ready for Girl's Camp and Youth Conference! This is just so crazy, I can't believe it! Does it seem to anyone else like our lives are just going by so fast? It's like if you turn your head or blink, you'll miss it. Then again though, it seems like the day just won't get over. I think it's probably just the way we go about it-if you're grumpy and mean, the day takes forever, if you're happy and nice, you just can't get enough of life!-(This is what I've noticed for me, it might not be the same for everyone;). It just makes me want to be happy (so my 16th birthday will get here sooner lol). Does anyone else feel the same way?
In case you're wondering, the picture doesn't really have anything to do with the post. I just thought it was cool.


Damsel said...

It does seem like the first half of the year has gone by pretty fast!
Good luck with you driving!!!

Hannah said...

Wait... are you going to Girl's Camp this year???