23 April, 2009

mY tRip tO tHe cHirOpraCtORs, paRt lll

Yes, we had another little trip to the Chiropractors the other day. Everyone clap. I DIDN'T PASS OUT!!! I even drove on the way there and part of the way back. I must say my Mom's bribe worked pretty well. "O.K. Honey, if you don't pass out, I'll take you clothes shopping" That was enough for me. Not like I wanted to pass out but at least I know it's preventable now. Pretty much though, after all the pain and headaches, I'd give back all the clothes just to have a normal neck. I hate ladders.


Yohan said...

Wowza! A lot of new posts! My uncle that was up here when you guys were accidentally took my camera cord home- so my camera is useless and I am postless for the time being ! :)

Hannah said...

That looks like the ladder that was in the Joseph Smith movie we watched at a fireside. Is it?

Amy said...

My goodness Sariah! You are just a walking band aid! I hope you have a safer summer!