23 April, 2009

The Gory Details

I know this is kinda gory but Jared was just so calm and didn't scream (like I would have). All he said was "that hurts when you put the salt water on it"
How could you throw something like this in your foot and not pass out? Especially with Wadsworth genes???

I'm pretty sure it cut the shoelace. The cut was on the top of his foot and only bled for like a minute (like anyone was watching the clock) and then my Mom and Dad just bandaged it up. I see though why he needed knife throwing practice...he missed the board and hit his foot.


Damsel said...

OUCH!!!!! That looks like it really hurt.
My Dad did that when he was Jared's age, except for he cut his foot with an ax.

Amy said...

HOLY COW! Are you OK? How did you throw it in your foot? Looks like you were watched over! My boys liked the blood!