24 February, 2009

Parents are ALWAYS right!

So a couple of weeks ago my Mom and I went to JC Penny and I got some shoes that my mom would totally not approve of... tall, peep-toe, tall, tall, tall I didn't wear them to church because I knew she'd make me take them off. So last Sunday I got up enough guts to plan an outfit that included them. I walked upstairs and was fine till I for to the hardwood. I almost fell over! I think that the heels are like 4 1/2 inches tall, which didn't help.(And the floor probably had cold cereal all over it). So I walked to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and I was just like, "I'lll probably fall over in these so I better take them off." I can seriously wear them on carpet fine! I knew as soon as I hit the hardwood that my Mom was right..."Nothing over 3 inches!" I guess I better listen from now on......

P.S. These aren't the actual shoes, I couldn't get a good photo of them. If you want to see them, just tell me :)

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