11 February, 2009

hOw diSghUstinG

So I was just sitting there, painting my nails, listening to my iPod, humming along softly. I had just finished the clear coat and I was standing over the dresser when I saw a paper. I started to grab it when I saw............................ it. I did what any normal, composed, adult person would do. I screamed. Just Kidding. You really should be very proud of me. I just looked at it, and said (talkin to the mouse) HA. HA. HA. I finally caught you! (actually I didn't set the trap, that one goes to Brent). Then I was just like gross. I mean, if Rebekah can set a trap, only setting it off on herself about 15-20 times, actually catch the mouse, and carry it outside without screaming, So. Could. I. I. Think. So I just grabbed a bunch of tissues and carried it outside (of course I had to take a picture for ya'll. I made sure it was a little blurry so you didn't all gag.) It was actually pretty fun. (As long as I didn't look at it) I mean, how many times do you get to wave a mouse in your brother's face and just be like, SEE?! I'm no sissy!!!


Yohan said...

I can't ever pick up anything dead. I've rescued live mice from our window wells before, but NOTHING DEAD! You're a lot braver than I am!

Hannah said...

I would definatley have screamed. I hate mice!!!