14 February, 2009

25 rAnDom tHinGs

Sorry I took so long on this Gina.
1. I love doing dishes
2. I hate it when people date before they're 16
3. I love animals but can't stand it when they touch, lick, or paw me
4. I get to speak in church tomorrow
5. I'm going to be a sis (again, for the 9th time)
6. I love to cook
7. I love to sing
8. I love it when everyone leaves the house and I can clean and sing all I want and not worry about bugging other people
9. Every time I go in my room, I turn on my music and rock out the whole time I'm in there
10. I think talkin on the phone is akward
11. I love music
12. I voulenteer for EVERYTHING (even speakin in church)
13. I love playing Cinderella
14. I don't think I'm ginna be able to think of 25 random things about myself
15. I love to photograph
16. I love goin places
17. I can't figure out how to put the stick shift into park
18. I love sunsets
19. I love learning about history stuff that most people don't know about
20. I am a huge Rush Limbaugh fan
21. I have AMAZING parents, grandparents, and ancestors
22. I'm not really addicted to John Deere tractors...I'm obsessed with them... JUST KIDDING...
23. When I'm alone I recite stuff (It's kinda embarassing, but that's why I do it when no one is around;)
24. I love Shopping and going to town. My Mom says when I get my liscense She is never goin to town again
25. I changed my signature because I didn't like the old one

I tag...Maryann, Rebecca, Valerie, and Hanna


Hannah said...

What is tagging. i've seen people do it before but i still don't understand what it is.

countrygirl said...

hey i don`t know how to do it you need to tell me!

abenlinz said...

so I am thinking you can come to my house when I don't want to clean anymore :)