18 December, 2008

Ammon & Charmane's Wedding

Them with both sets of parents
this one is so sweet!

I was pretty sad they didn't stuff it in each other's face ;)

This was funny. All of Charmane's sisters and sister-in-laws were pregnant. Poor Ammon!
(They are in the wrong order)

The shoes. Charmane was really smart to wear tennis shoes...it was freezing!
The cake. My Mom, Aunt Joanna, and Aunt Anna made it. I LOVE IT!!!


Yohan said...

Cute Pictures! I was gonna go- but the roads were too bad. I wish that I could've been there! Hey- How do you get the mormon.org link on your blog sidebar?

Yohan said...

Hmmm. . . well could you ask cocoa for me if you see her anytime soon? I love your blog! It is always SOOO cute.