13 November, 2008

I Saw Sarah Palin

She was just like she was on TV. Pretty, Funny, and knows what she's talking about.
I love this one ;)

I know this is weird because the election is over but, Eve wanted to see them so here they are. Just so everyone knows, this was the night before the election. It was is Reno and was cold like I've never seen (or felt!) in Nevada. I got two of her campaign buttons and her mom signed my "Country First" sign. I was so close to her but she kept moving the other way! Her husband, parents, and in-laws were there. I know how everyone keeps saying that the media was on Obama's side but I saw one of the TV vans with an McCain-Palin sticker on the bumper so it was pretty funny. It was pretty hard to get pictures because it was really dark and there was dust all over and so there was all these tiny specks all over. O well. Better luck next time! haha.

This is Ada's sign. Everytime everyone else would start yelling she would wave it and yell too. She's what I call a young Republican! LOL

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crabapple farm said...

Oh boy am I jealous of you! I wish that I had been there!
Golden Delicious