28 November, 2008

I Am Grateful

I don't know what more to say, I AM greateful...for everything. On monday a ladder fell on me. A very very very heavy ladder. I'm greateful for my life! So I was sick with a really bad headache and really sore muscles. So on Thanksgiving I sat in my bed all morning until my Mom made me take an advil. I didn't have anything to do so while I was sitting there I started writing in my journal all the things I'm thankful for. There was A LOT!!! After just listing all my family I was at 150+! I don't think people realize how lucky they are until it's taken away. I feel so lucky to live here and have so many friends and family and such a nice house and clothes and food. On Sunday someone in church said that if you have more than 2 pairs of shoes you have more than 75% of the people in the world. That makes me feel really bad because I have so many shoes! Most of all I'm thankful for Heavenly Father and Jesus and that Jesus suffered for our sins. To me that is the greatest gift anyone could give... The ultimate gift.

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