10 October, 2008

Random Pix

I was sad to leave my sister there. Well not really. I got my own room for a whole night. And two seats in the truck on the way to Seminary. And her pizza on the way home. I guess that explains why I needed the two seats on the way to seminary. j/k I didn't eat that much!

I still don't know how turn pictures! As you can tell we went to visit our family in Winnemucca so My Dad and brothers could help them haul hay. I just lazed around with cousins, and did nothing useful. ;) Oh, and I took pictures!


rebekah said...

you PIG!! I can't belive you put that picture on, even after I told you not to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sariah said...

you put that one of me at the fair on your blog and i told you not to!

Anonymous said...

Ada is so cute!