02 October, 2008

Babysitting, Haircuts, and a Broken Trampoline Mat

I've been babysitting for thhe last couple of days. It was pretty fun. There's not much else to say about it.
2) Haircuts.
I got my hair layered by My Mom (brave, huh?!)and would have taken a picture but it really doesn't look that different because it's just all curls anyway. Then today Rebekah got her hair cut and it's really cute but she wouldn't let me put the picture on her so you'll just have to see her;)
3) a broken trampoline mat.
I didn't do it!!! It was all Jesse but I thought these pictures were funny. I hoope he fell on the ground when he broke it!


anni (m.a.w.) said...

o man that is sooooooo
sad that your tramp mat broke!

rebekah said...

it's o/k we already have a new one;)

Anonymous said...

That is sad that your Trampoline mat broke. How did Jesse brake it?!

rebekah said...
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