20 September, 2008

Taste of Home Cooking Show

So, last night I went with my aunt and eight other ladies to Carson to the Taste of Home Cooking Show. It was super fun!
These are pictures of the table display in the entrance. They also gave us a gift bag with a bunch of special little brochures that I will never use but, they were fun to look at;)
There were like, 200-300 people there and out of the 10 people in our group, 4 won prizes! It didn't really do any good because two of the prizes were for wine tasting stuff and we were all Mormons!!!
My friend I was sitting by is on the far left with the baby. She won a book called "Eat, Shrink, and be Merry", it had a recipe in it for Titanic Salad with ice burg lettuce!;).....That had to be written by a Mormon!

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