13 September, 2008

Scott & Heather's Quilt

I'm super late in posting this one too. Sorry!!!

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Eliza said...

Dear Sariah,
My brother just introduced me to blogspot, and I found yours when I clicked one of my favorite songs which happened to be, "O My Father." I was so pleased that someone else liked the hymn as much as I do, enough to write it in their blog. So it was so nice to get to meet you thru your beautiful pictures, your interests, your favorites, and inscriptions.
You and I are the only two who have O MY Father as a favorite song, so, if you find this comment, and would like to meet me, just click on that hymn in your favorites, and there I'll be!
I too live on a farm and love it!
Sincerely, Eliza
P.S. I love your name!