02 September, 2008

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2008

I love this pic...John Deere Tractor in the sunset.

Doesn't it always seem like whenever you take a pic of a baby they blink?!
(this is so random) I LOVE TAKING PICTURES OF MY FEET!
Here are some deer in our pasture. Sorry it's so blurry...I had to zoom all the way in because when I started walking toward them they started to leave so I thought this would be better than nothing. I can't believe how beatuiful this earth is!


crabapple farm said...

The Spy twins will be so jealous of the bucking bales pics. Say hi to J and B for them.

Kelsey & Dan said...

thank you so much for voting for emma! That would be awesome if you would put it on your blog. YOu are such a sweetheart!

Kelsey & Dan said...

by the way I love your flower pictures!