14 August, 2008


Yesterday my Mom bought 36 of these orange balls....I probably ate 3 after we got home from the store. Then for desert I had another half with ice cream in it. Then at our combind YW/YM mutual activity I had another half with ice cream in it...NOT SMART!!! When we got home we watched the Olympics for about a half an hour and I started to get a headache so we went to bed. My room was incrediably hot and it felt like I had a fever. Needless to say I threw up. So did Rebekah. So did Jared. So did Jesse. So did Jonnie. So did Ada. So today I think we watched about 8 hrs. of T.V. for anyone that wanted to know. The point? NEVER EAT MORE THAN 3 CANTALOUPES IN ONE DAY...OR WEEK...OR YEAR...You get the point;)

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rebekah said...

You can say that again!! I'm never going to look at one agian! That was horrible!!!